DUI / DUS Defense Lawyers in Anderson, South Carolina

If you have received a DUI / DWI or DUS, you need to understand that there can be dire consequences. You may receive a large fine, face jail time, lose your driver’s license, and face insurance rate hikes. The Senerius Law Firm can provide you with the legal guidance you need.

As a member of the National College of DUI Defense, attorney Gordon Senerius in Anderson, South Carolina, defends clients against charges of driving under the influence and driving under suspension. For more information, contact Senerius Law Firm today.

Senerius Law Firm is located in Anderson, South Carolina, and represents clients in the surrounding communities. These include the counties of upstate South Carolina and the cities of Centerville and Seneca. We handle all cases in the drunk driving spectrum, including:

  • DUI
  • DWI
  • DUS
  • Suspended Licenses
  • Issuance of Temporary Licenses

It is important to make sure that your rights are protected in any case involving alcohol or drugs. Senerius & Tye, Attorneys at Law vigorously represents its clients to ensure that those rights are protected. For example, a person operating a vehicle must be informed of their rights before any tests are administered. You are not actually required to submit to any tests, and if you are not aware of this, your testing may be unlawful.

We can also help with issues such as providing representation to reinstate your driver’s license in South Carolina. Our DUI / DWI and DUS defense lawyer in Anderson, South Carolina, has 26 years of experience as an attorney and can help get you the best possible result for your case.

Contact an Experienced South Carolina Lawyer at Senerius Law Firm to arrange a consultation to discuss your specific legal needs, please call us at 1-864-224-7436 or complete the contact form today.